New Year 2017, New Hope

Past time is a history, we cannot rewind it, what we can do is just accept it. By accepting them we release some load in our mind. By accepting it, not meaning we tolerate for any bad things happened, hence, we open the door of forgiveness. Letting go the past will support us to calm our mind, to bring back the mind to the center. What is the benefit of centered mind? When mind is centered, the power is unlimited, it’s concentrated, it’s very sharp, it can be used to troubleshoot any issues we have. It can be utilized to find the best fit solution for any trouble we may faced in our life.

While future time is unpredictable, it’s a mystery. No body knows what will be happened. Being worry, or being afraid, will not support us to move forward, unless we can used it as an alarm to improve our preparation, improve ourselves, improve what we do. Yet, how do we say that future will bring hope? In fact, hope is about a future, new period is coming, new year 2017. New opportunity to improve ourselves both physically and mentally, both worldly or heavenly.

We can say, past and future are not in our current hand, what we have now is the present moment. Drawing beautifully in present moment will support us to improve our preparation. Dwelling in present moment support us to shape our future in best possible way and best possible form. Be 100% to the present moment, do everything at best possible way. Think wisely, speaks softly, say the words just bring the truth and motivate or giving the encouragement, do the good things. In other words, do good, be good. By focusing our mind, words, and deeds in positive it definitely will shape a good future.

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