The Mind is The Key

The key of all activities is our mind. If we observed in our daily life, everything we do start from our mind, everything we say start from our mind. Thus, controlling mind, will help us to control our words and deeds. John Whitemore in his book “Coaching for Performance” stated that mind is the key of top performance, while the knowledge provide techniques and experiences provide fitness.

What are the qualities that critical for achieving top performances? According to John Whitemore they are awareness and responsibility. Awareness is the product of focus attention, clarity and concentration. Awareness meaning having knowledge, conscious, not ignorant. Said in other words, awareness is knowing what is happening around you. And self-awareness is knowing what you are experiencing. It’s a high quality relevant input. When we truly accept, choose or take responsibility four our thoughts and our actions, our commitment to them rises and so does our performance.

In my views, building an awareness and a responsibility should start from our mind. We should have a strong commitment to success. Controlling mind is not an easy jobs. In my experiences I tried to control my mind, using many difference methods. One of the most interesting methods that I found helping me in controlling mind is the meditation. Unfortunately, there are many type and methods of meditations.

If we observed, mind is part of our self, it will work when there is power. Controlling the mind meaning controlling the source of this power. We know that the source of power is food, beverage, rest/sleeping, and breathing. Among those sources, breathing is the only continuous source. In my views, if we want to control our mind, we need to control both the continuous and the batch one.

Controlling the food and beverage we take will help us control the mind. That’s why the elders frequently advised that what you eat/drinks will determine who you are. In this case, it’s make sense that all religion suggested us to do fasting. Because by fasting, we are minimizing the source of energy, the mind activities will be less and definitely will easier to control the mind.

The ultimate source of energy is the breath, controlling the breath we control the energy within ourselves. There is a very close relationship between mind and breath patterns. Just see the breathing patterns when we are afraid, worry, angry, the breath pattern getting shortened and faster.  In contrary, when we in deep concentration, in peaceful mind, the breathing pattern is calm, deep and long. In other words, if we want to bring our mind peaceful and concentrated, then bring the breath patterns slow and deep. This practice has been taught since a long time ago, we can see in the teaching of martial arts or in spiritual teaching (religion) such a meditation.

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